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This my first time hiring a lawyer and although we just started he has gave me nothing but time and constant communication. He emails and reaches out directly. I have no regrets hiring him to represent me and my family.

Amaria N Isaac Rodgers

Overall I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case against the truck company. I got Caruso when I was first having problems getting my totaled car paid for. I only got the value of my car, not what I paid for it 2 years earlier. But that was OK, because they paid for a rental car until I got the check. Caruso helped me with creditors from hospitals since I had no health insurance. He also recommended doctors who would wait for paying their bill until I settled. That really helped. He had to sue the truck company, but in the end I got what I wanted. That’s why I gave them a 5 star rating.


We hired Caruso Law for our serious wreck. We appreciated all the efforts and time that was involved. They answered all questions we had, and they returned our calls within a reasonable time. They took the time to explain things as needed, and discussed items in terms we understood. As a client we felt they had our best interests at heart. Despite the length of our case because of a ridiculous insurance attorney on the other side, the firm still kept us a priority.


Mark Caruso and his staff really helped me and did a really good job on my car accident case against Loya Insurance. The insurance adjuster treated me like sh** but I never had to talk to him again once I got Caruso involved. I dealt with Marc Rushing, the legal assistant, and Mark Caruso, the attorney. It took a little longer than we all expected because Loya Insurance is such a bad company to go after. We ended up filing a lawsuit, and they settled pretty quick.


Mark Caruso helped me in a truck crash where I was injured, pretty severely. The big tractor trailer insurance company delayed on fixing my car, and then I got this firm to help me. I also got lots of emergency room bills in the thousands. I also missed 90 days of work. Mark got my case settled higher than I thought. Then he got the doctors and hospitals to reduce their bills to put more of the settlement money in my pocket. I recommend them to anyone needing an injury attorney.


Thought that this law firm did a really good job getting me money from the insurance for the motorcycle wreck. Liked that I didn’t get billed but only paid a percentage of the settlement at the end. Also, Caruso discounted the fee to 29% to get me more money. Liked these guys alot. Recommend them.

Frank C

Good to find an honest attorney. They told me at the beginning that they would work hard to get me a good settlement, and that is exactly what they did. Got me to a doctor who helped fix my problems. Very happy and glad I got them.


Caruso law office assigned a very helpful, knowedgable,and patient lawyer for my case. They kept me update as was required. The attiention to detail was great. And I am greatful.


I highly recommend the Caruso Law Firm. I hired the firm after a car accident where I was injured. The adjuster was giving me problems. Caruso straightened out my car repairs and worked with my doctors and therapists. Then he got me a good settlement that paid the doctors, the lawyers and me. Communications with the law firm were excellent. Also, they gave me a 29% attorney fee. (Another lawyer I talked to wanted much more.) Because Caruso used to be an insurance attorney, I think the process was easier and I got more money. I especially liked working with Marc Rushing, one of Caruso paralegals. I will refer other people to this firm when they need a lawyer.

Cynthia Rodriguez

Mr. Caruso is a very excellent and trustworthy attorney. He handled my case very well and knew exactly what terms were needed to be done to win my case. I was very pleased with his professionalism and I highly recommend him.

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