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Trucking Accident Caused by Rules Violations: Albuquerque Lawyer Explains FMCSA Regulations

By Mark Caruso |

Know Your Rights When a Trucking Accident Caused by Rules Violations Hurts You in New Mexico As a motorist, we know that there are many rules of the road that we need to follow.  These rules include everything from speed regulations to traffic control.  While our normal vehicles have all of these rules relating… Read More »

Oklahoma Truck Crash on I-40 Causes Death of New Mexico Woman

By Mark Caruso |

Fatal I-40 Trucking Accident in Washita County, Oklahoma has Caused the Death of a New Mexico Woman News agencies are reporting a horrible 18 wheeler crash in Washita County, Oklahoma that has caused the wrongful death of a New Mexico woman.  The crash occurred last week on Wednesday and involved two semi tractor trailers… Read More »

Could Truck Driver Fatigue Have Caused the Fatal Lordsburg Trucking Accident on I-10?

By Mark Caruso |

Could the Fatal Lordsburg Trucking Accident on I-10 Been Caused by Truck Driver Fatigue? We have been following a fatal Lordsburg trucking accident on I-10 that has been reported by several news agencies.  A semi tractor trailer truck driver crossed the centerline median and hit another semi tractor trailer head on, and then hit… Read More »

Deadly Lordsburg, NM Trucking Accident on I-10

By Mark Caruso |

Important Information on the Fatal Lordsburg, NM Trucking Accident on I-10: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyer Shares Important Information  News outlets are reporting a fatal Lordsburg, NM trucking accident on I-10.  This is a horrible trucking accident in Lordsburg involving two semi tractor trailers and a pickup truck.  Three people were killed and two people… Read More »

Using FMCSA Alcohol Testing in a New Mexico Trucking Accident Case

By Mark Caruso |

New Mexico Trucking Accident Case: How Mandatory FMCSA Alcohol Testing Can Help Large commercial trucks like 18 wheelers, big rigs, semi tractor trailers, and other box trucks are dangerous enough by themselves.  But when the truck driver uses alcohol before or during his or her shift, large trucks can now become a deadly instrument. … Read More »

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