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Spinal Cord Injuries in New Mexico Trucking Crashes

Victims Who Have Suffered Spinal Cord Injuries Due to a New Mexico Trucking Crash May Be Entitled to Compensation

Studies have shown that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States, responsible for approximately 35% of all new spinal cord injuries.  Although there is no way to fully repair spinal cord damage once it has been damaged, there are different treatments and courses of healthcare available to you.  Today’s advanced medical technology has provided doctors with tools that may help improve one’s movement, sensation, and overall quality of life after a devastating New Mexico trucking crash takes them away.

However, these courses of treatment will likely be expensive and require more than a typical family or individual can afford.  Filing a legal claim against the other negligent driver can help to offset these costs, but will also be complex and arduous to take on by oneself.  If you have been been injured in a trucking crash and want help moving forward with a personal injury claim, contact our New Mexico spinal cord injury attorney for more information by dialing (505) 883-5000 for a FREE consultation.

Understanding Paralysis After a Trucking Wreck

Today, there are approximately 6 million paralyzed people in the United States.  Unfortunately, spinal cord injury is the second leading cause of paralysis, accounting for over one quarter of paralysis inducing injuries.  A spinal cord injury generally occurs when the body suffers a trauma to one or more of the several vertebrae surrounding your spinal cord which shuts off the signals from the nerves to the brain.

Because each individual vertebra functions to send signals between the body and the brain, the extent of a victim’s paralysis will depend upon the particular vertebra affected.  Here, paralysis may be either incomplete or complete.  Incomplete paralysis refers to when a victim loses some but not all of the movement below the point of injury.  Complete paralysis occurs when the individual loses all feeling and movement in the affected area.

Although loss of movement is the defining consequence of paralysis, there are several other complications associated with the trauma.  Common consequences of paralysis that our New Mexico spinal cord injury attorney has seen in clients include:

– Anxiety and depression: approximately one quarter of people living with a long term disability will also battle depression in their lifetime;

– Respiratory problems:  The breathing issues associated with paralysis include trouble deeply inhaling, chronic cough, or even the inability to breathe without the assistance of a ventilator;

– Bedsores: Also called pressure ulcers, bedsores can result in problems ranging from mild redness to severe muscle or bone infections;

– Bladder and bowel control issues;

– Infections;

– Partial or complete muscle loss; and

– Many other causes.

Financial Consequences of New Mexico Trucking Crashes Causing Paralysis

Although the health costs associated with a spinal cord injury may vary depending on the extent of trauma, the financial expenses in any paralysis issue are clear.  The cost of keeping up with high medical bills, expensive medical devices, and home renovations for accessibility is generally more than the average American family can cover on their own.  However, if your injury was caused by the negligence of another, the damages won in a successful spinal cord injury claim can help to pay these costs and allow you to begin your life again.

Call the NM Truck Accident Attorneys if a Trucking Crash Caused Your Paralysis Injury

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