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Signs of a Head Injury After a Trucking Accident in Albuquerque

Understanding Head Injuries in New Mexico: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyer Explains

According to the New Mexico Department of Transportation, crashes involving heavy trucks have risen four years in a row and a semi/large-truck crash occurred every three hours in 2018. It’s not surprising that a trucking accident in New Mexico often resulted in a very serious personal injury, often with signs of a head injury.  There are many different types of head injuries which could be caused by a New Mexico trucking accident.  Each type of head injury is different and can be difficult to determine.  This is why it is important for victims to know the signs of a head injury after a trucking accident in Albuquerque.

If you or a loved one were injured as a result of a trucking accident in Albuquerque, call the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. to learn how our experienced Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers can help you.  Everyone should now the signs of a head injury after a trucking accident in Albuquerque. We offer a FREE consultation and work hard to protect the rights of victims in New Mexico who have been hurt by a negligent truck driver or trucking company.

Obvious Warning Signs of a TBI or Head Injury After a Trucking Accident

Victims should be aware that there are several signs of a head injury, also known as a traumatic brain injury or TBI. A serious head injury may manifest itself in many ways, some of which are obvious and happen right away, such as losing consciousness for any length of time immediately following the trucking accident, feeling dazed or confused, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, or feeling nauseous. The eye pupils may be dilated, or one might be more dilated than the other. The crash victim might suffer a skull fracture, nerve damage, bruising, and bleeding.  

Subtle Signs of a TBI

Other signs of a head injury from a trucking accident can be far less obvious to identify. They do not immediately show themselves, such as having a hard time concentrating on things that used to be easy, like reading the daily newspaper or trying out a new recipe. They may not recognize a common item, like a toothbrush or the tv remote.  

A sensitivity to light or to loud sounds may be intensified; a sense of smell totally disappears. Or maybe you have noticed that your loved one is laughing or crying at inappropriate times, or that they keep repeating the same word or phrase over and over- things that they never did before the trucking crash. A personality may also see a stark change: a formerly placid and easy-going person may now be aggressive and irritable.

Head injuries can also affect sleep patterns. Some people feel fatigued or drowsy and want to sleep far more than usual, while others find that they now have issues going to sleep or staying asleep throughout the night.

Many of these signs of a head injury affect not only the quality of life for the crash victim themselves, but also their loved ones who must care for them as they try to recover through speech and occupational therapy. Recovery is never guaranteed, even with years of physical therapy. 

Did You Suffer a Head Injury After a Trucking Accident?  Ask our New Mexico Trucking Accident Lawyers for Help!

If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic injuries in a New Mexico trucking accident resulting in a serious head injury or TBI, our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers can help you.  We represent victims who have been catastrophically injured due to the reckless or careless actions of others behind the wheel or commercial vehicles.  Call to schedule your FREE appointment with our lawyers at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. by dialing (505) 883-5000.  

We handle causes throughout New Mexico, including Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Roswell, Cuervo, Rio Rancho, Clovis, Farmington, Hobbs, Albuquerque where our office is located, and anywhere else throughout New Mexico.  Please call to schedule for FREE appointment by dialing (505) 883-5000 or contact us through our website’s easy to use and convenient contact box available here.

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