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New Mexico Truck Rollover Crashes: Common Causes and Liability

Rollover Trucking Crashes Are Dangerous and Can Cause Serious Personal Injuries: Learn Liability Here

Trucking accidents are extremely dangerous and unfortunately common, due to the size and weight of these massive vehicles.  One of the worst types of accidents involving large vehicles is a New Mexico truck rollover crash.  A rollover occurs when the wheels of a large vehicle loses its grip on the road surface, causing the entire vehicle to fall onto its side or even worse, upside down.  More often rollover accidents involve trucks due to their having a higher center of gravity.  This is because trucks are built to be top heavy and tend to lean in the opposite direction of the curve they are traveling along, causing the imbalance leading to the accident.  If you have been injured in a truck rollover, contact a New Mexico rollover truck crash attorney today to learn more.

Three Leading Causes of a New Mexico Truck Rollover Crash

Although there are several different causes of rollovers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified the following three as the most common:

Driving Faster than a Curve Will Allow:  The height and weight of trucks require its drivers to slowly navigate curves.  Studies have proven that about 45% of rollover crashes are the result of driving too fast.  This is commonly seen when using exit or entrance ramps on the highway where the speed limit suddenly and drastically drops as the roadway turns.  Weather and other environmental conditions can increase the likelihood of a rollover.

Mistakes in Loading or Securing Cargo:  As previously mentioned, large trucks have a much higher center of gravity, which will require cargo to be properly loaded and secured.  If the contents of the truck are not properly secured and proportionately loaded, truckers run the risk of having it shift while driving (such as around a curve), which only increases the chance of a rollover.  Another example of this can be seen in half full tank trucks.  Tank trucks are those that are designed to carry liquid.  When these tank trucks are not carrying at capacity, the liquids will move and slosh with the truck, with their weight potentially pulling the truck off balance when making turns.

Steering Issues; Abrupt Changes and Oversteering:  Two common steering issues our New Mexico truck overall crash attorneys have encountered are abrupt changes and oversteering.  When a truck driver makes abrupt driving changes to avoid a collision, the truck’s high center of gravity shifts with increased momentum.  This compromises the center of gravity and may lead to a rollover.  Oversteering may be the result of a truck drifting from the roadway.  When the wheels of a truck are on sand, dirt or grass, they are much harder to move, requiring the truck driver to oversteer to correct himself and return to the pavement.  However, when the truck has corrected itself back onto the pavement, the momentum can lead the truck to tip, resulting in a rollover accident.

Injured in a New Mexico Truck Rollover Crash?  Call Our Law Firm

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