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Jackknife Trucking Crashes: Albuquerque 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyer Explains

Understanding Liability in Jackknife Trucking Crashes from our Albuquerque 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyer

While large 18 wheelers like big rigs, double trailers, semi tractor trailers, and other box trucks are difficult to operate, drivers undergo rather education, training, and testing before earning a commercial driver’s license (CDL).  This is because 18 wheelers are downright dangerous, even when operated property.  As an Albuquerque 18 wheeler wreck lawyer, our firm knows just how dangerous and deadly these crashes can become.  One of the most dangerous mishaps caused by a large commercial vehicle is a jackknifed truck.  This is when the cab (where the driver sits) and the trailer (the cargo section, or the box section) skid and slide our of normal alignment and form a right angle.  This appears to look like a jackknife, hence the name.

Here at the NM Truck Accident Attorneys, we know that a jackknifed 18 wheeler is a very dangerous obstruction on the roadway.  It usually indicates that the truck driver has failed to use reasonable care in the use and operation of his or her motor vehicle.  This means that any individuals who are injured by a jackknifed tractor trailer may be entitled to compensation.  Call the NM Truck Accident Attorneys by dialing (505) 883-5000 to learn what rights you may have if you were involved in a jackknifed tractor trailer crash.

Causes of a Jackknife 18 Wheeler Wreck

Generally, large commercial trucks do not just jackknife absent mishandling or negligence.  A jackknifed tractor trailer usually occurs when a truck driver comes to a sudden stop.  The cab is able to stop, but the cargo in the box portion continues forward given its greater momentum from the weight of the cargo and axels.  In addition, jackknifes could occur when a truck driver slows down and brakes around a turn or curve.

The weather can also affect whether a vehicle jackknifes.  Cold, wet, and slippery conditions are more likely to result in a jackknife than dry and warm conditions.  While a truck driver cannot control the weather, a truck driver can control speed and maneuverability of the truck in this weather.  Thus, weather is not an excuse to causing a jackknifed trucking accident.

Who Could be Injured from a Jackknife 18 Wheeler Wreck

Individuals who are injured from a jackknifed 18 wheeler wreck could not just be people who are collided with the jackknifed and out-of-control truck.  Many other individuals could potentially have a claim, which include the following:

  • Vehicles hit by the jackknifed truck as it slides;
  • Vehicles that collide with the jackknifed truck which blocks the road (even if a person hits a stopped jackknifed truck, the truck driver and trucking company may still be at fault!);
  • Pedestrians on or around the roadways;
  • Vehicles hit by other vehicles trying to swerve to avoid the jackknifed truck;
  • Passengers in any vehicles, including the jackknifed truck whom are not responsible for the crash; and
  • Many others.

Did an 18 Wheeler Jackknife and Cause Your New Mexico Crash?  Call Us

Anytime a large commercial vehicle like a big rig or 18 wheeler jackknifes and causes a serious New Mexico trucking accident, it is a likely indication that something is wrong in the way the truck driver operated his or her vehicle.  If this happened in your case, please call the NM Truck Accident Attorneys by dialing (505) 883-5000 to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experienced Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers.  We handle cases throughout New Mexico, including in Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Roswell, Farmington, Hobbs, Lordsburg, or anywhere else in the state, including Albuquerque where our law office is located. You can also contact us on our website through the easy to use and convenient Contact box located by clicking here.

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