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Head Injuries From a Trucking Accident in Albuquerque

Types of Head Injuries From a Trucking Accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Commercial trucks are large and powerful.  As a result, they cause damaging and significant personal injuries.  One of the worst places to suffer an injury is to the head.  Head injuries from a trucking accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico could result in significant disability and long-lasting damages.  They could also result in traumatic injuries to the brain, eyes, nerves, and other parts of the head.  Victims who suffer any type of head injury may require surgery or other procedures to help repair the damage.  In many instances, individuals who have suffered a head injury may also long-lasting injuries that result in permanent disability.  

Our experienced Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. know how damaging and devastating it can be for a victim to suffer any type of head injuries after a trucking accident.  We work with treating healthcare providers and other medical experts to help build a claim for damages, while we also work with engineers, police and other liability experts to establish fault.  If you or a loved one suffered serious head injuries from a trucking accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico, learn how we can help protect your rights to compensation in a FREE consultation.

Causes of Head Injuries

There are many different causes fo head injuries in a trucking accident.  Big rigs and 18 wheelers are just so large and powerful that they could easily damage a vehicle irreparably, flip a vehicle, or even push another vehicle off the roadway.  These types of collisions could result in significant damage to the other vehicle and to the occupants inside of the vehicles.  All of these types of accidents are usually avoidable and due to the negligence of another person.

Thus, the main causes of head injuries are due to negligent actions such as speeding, following too closely, making wide-turns, sideswiping accidents, truck’s flipping over, proper left turns, drunk driving, distracted driving, and other common causes.

Types of Head Injuries from a Trucking Accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico

There are many different types of head injuries that could be caused by a serious New Mexico trucking accident. All types of head injuries are serious, but there are many different classifications of head injuries in general.  This includes severe lacerations, brain injuries, nerve injuries, and injuries to one’s eyesight or other senses.

Lacerations – One of the more severe types of injuries in New Mexico trucking accidents is a laceration, cut, rip, or other damage to the head or face.  Facial injuries tend to bleed a lot, be painful, and scar.  If the laceration is significant, it can result in permanent scarring and damage to the face.  This means that it can cause physical and emotional harm to a victim.

Brain injuries – Brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries or TBIs, are one of the worst types of personal injuries because the brain does not normally heal well and usually is permanently affected when it is damaged.  That means that brain injuries are really result in significant disability, even in minor collisions.  This includes a concussions, coup-contrecoup TBIs, diffuse axonal injuries, brain bleeds, and other types of serious personal injuries.

Nerve Injuries – The nerves of the head are close to the surface as there is no where for nerves to hide against the skull.  This means cuts to the face or head can damage or sever nerves.

Blindness – Damage to the eyes or back of the head could cause partial or full blindness.  Blindness is a very serious type of personal injury and usually permanent.  

Learn How Our Head Injury Lawyers at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. Can Help You Today

If you or a loved one suffered any type of serious head injury, brain injury, or other type of personal injury after a trucking accident in New Mexico, seek our legal services at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. to learn how we can help recover compensation that you need for medical bills and lost wages.  Learn how we can help you in a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 883-5000.

We handle causes throughout New Mexico, including Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Roswell, Cuervo, Rio Rancho, Clovis, Farmington, Hobbs, Albuquerque where our office is located, and anywhere else throughout New Mexico.  Please call to schedule for FREE appointment by dialing (505) 883-5000 or contact us through our website’s easy to use and convenient contact box available here.

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