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Districted Driving Possible Cause of Fatal Oklahoma Trucking Accident Killing NM Resident Greta Cox

Albuquerque, NM Resident Greta Cox was Killed in an Oklahoma Trucking Accident: Possible Cause was Distracted Driving

Last week there was a fatal crash in Washita County, Oklahoma, invoking two semi tractor trailers and a smaller, passenger vehicle.  This passenger vehicle was operated by Albuquerque resident Greta Cox, 70, who was stopped along with a semi tractor trailer.  Another semi tractor trailing traveling westbound collided with Greta Cox’s stopped vehicle and pushed it off the side of the roadway.  The westbound semi tractor trailer then struck another semi tractor trailer.  Albuquerque resident Greta Cox was pronounced deceased at the scene.  Her passenger and the second semi tractor trailer driver received medical attention.  The police accident report provides that the crash was caused by “unsafe speed for traffic conditions.”

Since Greta Cox was a resident of Albuquerque, NM, a New Mexico trucking accident lawyer like Mark Caruso should be retained to represent the family in this horrific wrongful death case.  Mark has also been recognized as an America’s Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys which only 0.5% of all lawyers are awarded such honor.  He is also one of only about 500 attorneys in the entire United States to hold membership in the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.  If you or a loved one were seriously injured or wrongfully killed, including the family of Greta Cox, please call the Albuquerque, New Mexico trucking accident lawyers at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. to learn what rights to compensation you may have by scheduling a FREE appointment by dialing (505) 883-5000.

Distracted Driving a Possible Cause for the Greta Cox Trucking Accident

There could have been many causes for the Oklahoma trucking accident which took Greta Cox’s life.  Speed was an initial factor which is what we discussed in our last blog post.  But there could be more than just speed as an issue.  This westbound truck rear ended the Cox vehicle at significant enough speed to throw it off the roadway.  This indicates that the truck driver could have been distracted.  

There are several ways that a truck driver could be distracted.  This includes the following:

  • Cell phone use;
  • Tablet use;
  • Hand-held radio;
  • Eating;
  • Playing with the music radio;
  • Tinkering with GPS;
  • Using a computer;
  • Checking maps or papers;
  • Playing with gadgets or buttons; and
  • Many other causes.

The most common distraction is cell phone use.  Both federal regulations and New Mexico law prohibit the use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, including a commercial vehicle.  Specifically, NM Stat. 66-7-374, subdivision (A) provides that “[a] person shall not read or view a text message or manually type on a handheld mobile communication device for any purpose while driving a motor vehicle . . . .”  Whereas  49 CFR section 392.82 prohibits the use of a cell phone by a truck driver while operating a commercial vehicle.

Injured by a Distracted Truck Driver?  We Can Help You

Distracted driving trucking accidents are dangerous and can be deadly.  Victims like Greta Cox in this Oklahoma trucking accident on I-40 should never have been harmed by a truck driver if speed and distracted driving laws were properly followed.  Victims and their families can get back at negligent truck drivers and trucking companies by calling the Caruso Law Offices, P.C.  to have our experienced Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers and staff represent you.  Call to schedule your FREE consultation by dialing (505) 883-5000.

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