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Truck Accident Lawyers in Sandoval County, NM

Successful Truck Accident Attorneys in Sandoval County, NM: NM Truck Accident Attorneys

The NM Truck Accident Attorneys and our exceptional truck accident attorneys have been providing successful legal representation to Sandoval County, NM for more than 35 years. Our Nevada roots allow us to focus only on truck accidents and creating a specialized legal team for the nearly 132,000 residents who live in the cities, towns, unincorporated communities, villages, and census-designated areas located in Sandoval County.

Our truck accident attorneys work tirelessly to protect our residents’ rights while pursuing the best financial outcome available for their specific injuries, medical requirements, and lifestyle needs. We can help you and your family recovery fully, too, with a single phone call to our offices today.

Sandoval County: The Fourth Most Populous County in New Mexico

Being a populous area has its benefits, including employment and housing options that allow your family to live comfortably in a beautiful area of New Mexico. Sandoval County, NM is home to 12 Indian Reservations, and two additional joint-use areas, making it the second largest reservation concentration county in the United States.

In addition, the cities, towns, unincorporated communities, villages, and census-designated areas located in Sandoval County include:

Providing more than a beautiful place to live, residents and tourists alike can build their outdoor enjoyment around the following national protected areas where each maintains part of its existence in Sandoval County, NM:

Large-Truck Traffic in Busy Counties: How to Protect Your Rights After an Accident

Truck accidents are more common than most travelers and commuters imagine. For more than three decades, the truck accident attorneys at the NM Truck Accident Attorneys has been protecting the rights of our Sandoval County, NM residents to ensure they are never taken advantage of by the truck’s driver, trucking company, or the insurance and legal representatives who are working on the negligent party’s behalf.

To understand the frequency of truck accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration recorded that last year alone:

  • Almost 4,100 people were killed in large-truck accidents across the U.S; 66 of them in New Mexico
  • 73% of people killed in large-truck accidents were occupants of other vehicles
  • 79% of all fatal large-truck accidents occurred on a weekday
  • More than 16% of large-truck drivers involved in fatal accidents had one or more prior speeding convictions

Advice from the NM Truck Accident Attorneys: Important Steps to Take After a Truck Accident in Sandoval, NM

If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, the following steps will help bolster your case against the negligent party in the courtroom.

Step #1: Contact law enforcement.

If you are physically able, dial 911 immediately after a truck accident and get local law enforcement officials to the scene to complete a police report. Review the police report upon completion and dispute any inaccuracies immediately before the officer leaves. Retain a copy of the report for your records.

Step #2: Exchange information with the truck driver and any witnesses at the scene.

The valuable information you should record for your records includes the:

  • Truck driver’s commercial driver’s license, registration, license plate number/state, and proof of insurance
  • Trucking company’s name and contact information
  • Witnesses names, contact information, and statements

Step #3: Collect and protect the evidence from the scene.

Use your cellphone to takes pictures of the:

  • Traffic direction and signage at the scene
  • Damage to both vehicles
  • Evidence of the accident, including tire marks, and the vehicles’ resting place from the accident (if they have not been moved)
  • Your injuries

Step #4: Seek medical help right away.

It is imperative that you seek medical care after a truck accident. Even if you believe your injuries are inconsequential, allow a medical professional to ask pertinent questions that may keep you safe moving forward. Chances are, the adrenaline rush you feel after the accident is keeping you from understanding the severity of your injuries. You may require time away from work, or could be experiencing serious, silent injuries that can emerge later including internal bleeding, and head, neck, or spine injuries.

Step #5: Contact the NM Truck Accident Attorneys in Sandoval County, NM immediately.  

As soon as the truck driver reports their accident, the company they work for is going to contact their insurance company, who will immediately contact you for a statement. Their goal is to catch you in a vulnerable position and trick you into stating you were at fault for the accident.

As your legal representatives we will:

  • Handle all communication with the driver, trucking company, insurance, and legal representatives so you can focus on your health and well-being
  • Investigate the evidence, and preserve the facts so the company is unable to tamper with the truck or accident scene
  • Examine the trucking company’s records, including employee records, hours of service logs, and the truck’s maintenance records
  • Build a powerful case that delivers financial results for our clients’ overall losses, including medical care, lost wages, and property damage

Contact the Truck Accident Attorneys at the NM Truck Accident Attorneys in Sandoval County, NM Today

Truck accidents are our only practice area, and for more than 35 years the attorneys at the NM Truck Accident Attorneys in Sandoval County, NM have been delivering exceptional results for our clients and can do the same for you by calling today. Call us now to schedule an appointment for you or a loved one who was injured in a truck accident (505) 369-1495. We provide immediate scheduling for free, no-obligation consultations, and can help you understand the next steps in your pursuit of financial recovery.

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