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Distinguished Truck Accident Attorneys in Cuba, NM: Caruso Law Offices, PC

With just over 735 residents, Cuba, NM celebrates the quaint life of the bustling Sandoval County, in which its village resides. Located directly off the very busy 550 Highway in New Mexico, Cuba provides a roadside escape for locals, tourists, and long-haul transportation drivers.

With hotels, restaurants, and bars lining the 1.3 square mile village, Cuba is a perfect retreat for tired drivers who are making their way through the state. Its location in the northwest area, and its neighboring highway, often brings large semi-trucks into the small town, causing dangerous circumstances when the driver of the truck is operating the vehicle negligently. At the NM Truck Accident Attorneys, our Cuba truck accident attorneys have been fighting for the rights of each victim who suffers an injury in these horrific accidents for over 35 years. We can help you and your family, too.

Frequent Travelers: Truck Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

Small villages like Cuba, NM may find themselves removed from the problems larger cities endure. The close-knit community is certainly able to keep an eye on things, and each other. But when it comes to truck accidents, everyone is affected by the sheer frequency of their travels, and the astounding miles they cover.

According to the US Department of Transportation:

  • Semi-trucks deliver 68% of all goods transported throughout the U.S.

The Federal Highway Administration adds that:

  • In the United States alone, there are Over 11 million semi-trucks registered

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states:

  • The annual costs of property damage, injury and death that results from truck accidents accounts for $112 billion

Serious Truck Accidents Cause Severe Injuries

Because of the weight, size, and height of semi-trucks, passenger vehicles are dwarfed on the roadways in comparison. When one of these trucks, carrying a load of up to 80,000 pounds, collides with a vehicle, the injuries can be devastating.

Some severe injuries can include:

Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the Centers for Disease Control, motor vehicle crashes account for:

  • 14% of all TBI-related emergency room visits and hospitalizations among all age groups
  • 19% of TBI-related deaths among all age groups
  • The leading cause of TBI-related deaths in individuals ages 5-24

The CDC warns that traumatic brain injuries can require extensive medical care and treatment to recover from the lingering effects, including:

  • Emotional disorders
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Aggression
    • Personality changes
  • Thinking difficulty
    • Memory
    • Reasoning
  • Sensation complications
    • Balance
    • Vision
  • Language challenges
    • Communication
    • Expression
    • Understanding

Neck and Spine Injuries

The US National Library of Medicine provides statistics related to neck and spine injuries, and their complicated medical requirements that can affect truck accident injury victims for the rest of their lives.

Medline Plus indicates that neck and spinal injuries can cause:

  • Damage to muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, or nerves
  • Headaches
  • Vision trouble
  • Bladder or bowel control problems
  • Shock or unconsciousness
  • Numbness or tingling in extremities
  • Weakness and difficulty walking
  • Paralysis

Traumatic brain injuries, and neck and spine injuries can require a lifetime of care, and the expenses associated with treating the side-effects and symptoms of these horrific injuries are costly. Our truck accident attorneys in Cuba, NM can help you and your family pursue the proper financial recovery you will require to heal now, and going forward.

Truck Accidents and Wrongful Death

Some severe truck accidents can prove fatal to those who are injured by the mammoth vehicle colliding with their much smaller counterpart. For over three decades, the NM Truck Accident Attorneys, Cuba truck accident attorneys have represented individuals who have lost loved ones in these terrible accidents. Each case is different, and when an accident with injuries turns to fatal tragedy, your needs are going to differ from anyone else who has experienced the same heartbreak.

In the State of New Mexico, the surviving family is entitled to wrongful death expenditures when they lose a loved one to someone else’s negligence.

These damages can include:

  • Lost wages and earnings from their loved one’s financial support
  • Medical bills incurred after the accident, and before death
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Property damage
  • Mental anguish
  • Punitive damages, where applicable

At the NM Truck Accident Attorneys we have spent our legal lives representing those who have been injured, or who have lost a loved one in truck accidents in New Mexico. We have one practice area, and we have specialized in its success for more than 35 years.

Call the NM Truck Accident Attorneys in Cuba, NM Today for a Free Consultation

If you have been injured in a truck accident, or are caring for someone who has, our Cuba, NM truck accident attorneys want to hear your story today by calling (505) 369-1495. Our Cuba truck accident lawyers at the NM Truck Accident Attorneys have the experience and successful track record required to help you and your family pursue the financial recovery you deserve for your accident. Call us now for a free consultation.

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