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Caught Under a Truck: Trucking Accident Lawyer in New Mexico

What is a Carriage Underride Trucking Accident?  Our Trucking Accident Lawyer in New Mexico Explains

There are many different types of trucking accidents which could occur.  Many of the most devastating types include head on collisions, rear end crashes, and flipped over tractor trailers.  Unfortunately, one of the most catastrophic types are carriage underride trucking accidents in New Mexico.  These types of trucking wrecks can result in devastating and fatal injuries, especially at high speeds.  Although these accidents can commonly be avoided, the unfortunate truth is that far too many truck drivers are negligent and continue to cause these reckless or careless actions.

Our experienced trucking accident lawyer in New Mexico has a law firm in Albuquerque which focuses on helping catastrophically injured victims and their families.  We have a proven track record of success against some of the largest insurance companies in the United States.  We will handle claims against any negligent trucking company, including J.B. Hunt, Schneider National, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and McLane.  Our priority is the satisfaction and protection of victim rights.  If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a trucking accident, ask our lawyers for a FREE consultation to learn how we can help protect your rights to compensation under the law.

What is a Carriage Underride Trucking Accident?

A carriage underride trucking accident is when a smaller vehicle is lodged underneath the trailer of the tractor trailer.  This is the portion that is between the wheel blocks.  A vehicle could get trapped in the middle of the trailer between both wheels, or a vehicle could get trapped or slide under the end of the truck.  In either situation, a vehicle goes under the trailer.

Dangers of a Carriage Underride Trucking Accident New Mexico

There are three main dangers of a carriage underride trucking accident in New Mexico.  This includes the following:

  1. A smaller passenger vehicle could get crushed under the wheels of the tractor trailer which may continue to move and go over the vehicle.  This is catastrophic and usually fatal.
  2. Vehicles could be dragged across the pavement resulting in significant injuries and a high likelihood for a fire.  Burn injuries could be catastrophic and fatal.
  3. Even if a vehicle does not go completely under, victims could suffer catastrophic personal injuries to their head and neck due to hitting the top of the trailer which is at eye-level.

Liability for Carriage Underride Trucking Accidents

Liability for carriage underride trucking accidents depends on how several factors which include the main cause.  Generally, a truck driver who fails to yield, runs a stop sign or red light, merges unsafely onto an interstate (like I-40, I-25, or I-10), takes a hard turn, drives aggressively, or otherwise is negligent, will be the common cause.  This is determined by established that the truck driver was liable.

Under New Mexico law, liability means proving the truck driver had a duty to act reasonably in the use or operation of his or her truck and failed to do that by engaging in unsafe or unreasonable actions.  This could mean violating a New Mexico statute, but it could also mean violating common law (judge-made law) which includes principles and duties that juries and judges have found to be sensible and reflect the public’s opinion.  This is a common law negligence claim which is part of nearly every type of personal injury case.

Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers in New Mexico Can Help in Carriage Underride Trucking Accidents

Here at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C., our legal team knows how to handle all types of serious trucking accident cases, including carriage underride crashes.  Ask our law firm for help by calling our experienced Albuquerque 18 wheeler wreck lawyers to learn what your rights to compensation may be under New Mexico law.  Schedule your FREE case evaluation by dialing (505) 883-5000.  

We handle causes throughout New Mexico, including Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Roswell, Cuervo, Rio Rancho, Clovis, Farmington, Hobbs, Albuquerque where our office is located, and anywhere else throughout New Mexico.  Please call to schedule for FREE appointment by dialing (505) 883-5000 or contact us through our website’s easy to use and convenient contact box available here.

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