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Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injuries in New Mexico Truck Accidents

Types of Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injuries Due to New Mexico Truck Accidents 

One of the most debilitating and possibly most catastrophic personal injuries from New Mexico truck accidents are traumatic brain injuries.  Also known as TBIs, traumatic brain injuries could result in an array of disability affecting how a person functions at home, at work, and even at a most basic, autonomic manner.  There are several different types of head injuries which could be caused by an Albuquerque trucking accident, but not all head injuries are necessarily traumatic brain injuries.  Learn about the difference and the different types of TBIs from our Albuquerque truck accident lawyers.

Here at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C., our experienced Albuquerque truck accidents lawyers handle catastrophic injuries including traumatic brain injuries.  With TBIs, there are many different reasons why traumatic brain injuries could seriously impair a person’s cognitive function and daily physical activities.  Depending on the type of traumatic brain injury, the amount of disability and the type of disability could be affected.

Difference Between a Head Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury

The difference between head injuries and TBIs is very clear.  A head injury includes any TBI, but also includes cranial nerve injuries, TMJ, broken facial bones or skull, significant disfiguration, loss of hearing, eye damage, or other types of face, head, and neck injuries.  These injuries are done to the head in general.  Whereas traumatic brain injuries are injuries to the brain which result in some form of damage to the brain, whether that damage is permanent or temporary.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries: Albuquerque Truck Accidents Lawyers

There are several different types of traumatic brain injuries.  Some of the most common types of brain injuries which could result in serious personal injuries include the following:

  • Diffuse axonal injuries – this is a type of traumatic brain injury which results in physical damage to brain tissue that is ripped, torn, or otherwise damaged due to the violent back-and-forth action in a truck accident.  The brain tissue can tear and sheer off from the violent force. 
  • Coup-contrecoup injuries – this TBI is when the brain, which is suspended in fluid inside of the skull, is violently whipped back and forth in the head.  Because of this, the brain impacts the side oppose of the force causing damage, and then whips back in a “whiplash” into the oppose side of the brain where the impact occurred.  This is very dangerous because there is damage to both sides fo the brain.
  • Brain contusions – like any part of your body, the brain can sustain injury and bruise, which is what this TBI is.
  • Concussions – this if the most commonly known type of TBI which is when the brain suffers an impact so hard that it results in damage to the brain.  Concussions can vary in disability greatly.

Ask our New Mexico Truck Accidents Lawyers for TBI Help

If you have been diagnosed with a brain injury, head injury, traumatic brain injury, TBI, any of the conditions above, or any other head injury or brain injury after a New Mexico truck accident with a large 18 wheeler, tractor trailer, big rig, or other box truck, please call our Albuquerque truck accident lawyers to learn how we can help.  

We handle causes throughout New Mexico, including Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Roswell, Cuervo, Rio Rancho, Clovis, Farmington, Hobbs, Albuquerque where our office is located, and anywhere else throughout New Mexico.  Please call to schedule for FREE appointment by dialing (505) 883-5000 or contact us through our website’s easy to use and convenient contact box available here.

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