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Albuquerque Trucking Wrecks Causing Burn Injuries

Albuquerque Trucking Wrecks Causing Burn Injuries

Albuquerque residents share the road with large commercial trucks every day.  Every year, there are hundreds of trucking accidents in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Many of these trucking wrecks result in painful injuries or even wrongful death.  The size and weight of commercial vehicles measured against the average sedan involved in an accident makes it inevitable that a collision will result in personal injuries of some kind.

But some of the worst injuries come from secondary fires or explosions. This because a vehicle fire can result in severe burns to drivers and passengers, who may even be unable to escape the confines of their vehicle in the event of a collision.  The consequences of a burn injury can range from a mild annoyance to severe nerve damage.  If you have Albuquerque trucking wreck burn injuries, contact our trucking wreck lawyers at the NM Truck Accident Attorneys to find out your legal rights by dialing (505) 883-5000.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Albuquerque Trucking Wrecks

Commercial trucks have large fuel tanks to facilitate their long distance travels.  In a trucking accident, these large tanks may combust or catch fire.  Such an explosion can severely burn anyone in its path, including other drivers, passengers and nearby pedestrians.  Since the fuel takes are located in the front of the truck, collisions where the front of the truck is striking another vehicle are particularly dangerous and susceptible to causing fires or explosions.

Additionally, commercial vehicles have the capacity to carry large amounts of hazardous and/or flammable materials.  These substances may even be harmful just to touch.  But when victims of a trucking wreck are trapped in their vehicle, these caustic chemicals may pour over a victim and even result in significant burns, disfigurement, and death.

Know Your Trucking Injuries: Burn Degrees and Classification

Burns are categorized into first, second or third degree burns.  These classifications are determined based on the layers of skin damaged and the extent of the impact.  The three types of burn classification our Albuquerque trucking wreck lawyers have handled include:

First degree burns: These are less-extreme burns, similar to that of a sunburn or minor friction burn (rug burn).  A first degree burn will generally only affect the top layer of the skin, causing slight pain, redness, and some inflammation.  While this type of burn can be very uncomfortable, it is generally mild and may heal on its own.  However if a first degree burn that covers a larger portion of one’s skin may require medical attention.  But in general, a first degree burn will heal on its own within three to five days.

Second degree burns: These affect both the top layer and the underlying layer of skin.  These burns will be much more painful than a first degree burn, and may also result in blisters and thickening of the skin.  Some second degree burns will ooze pus or even blood.  There is a heightened risk of infection with a second degree burn, and sometimes the skin will permanently scar.  Second degree burns may take two to three weeks to heal, and sometimes need medical attention.

Third degree burns: Third degree burns are the most severe type of burn and are more common in trucking wrecks.  These burns affect every layer of its victim’s skin, and may also potentially include tendons, bones or muscles.  A third degree burn will leave one’s skin appearing white or leathery, and charred.  Although despite the damage, sometimes these burns are less painful than first or second degree burns because they often result in nerve damage numbing the sensation of pain.  Third degree burns will take several weeks to heal, and often will require skin grafting or other surgeries to help with the intense scarring associated with these types of burns.  The risk of infection is very high, almost guaranteed.  Significant disfigurement and the loss of use of extremities is common in severe cases, particularly after trucking wrecks.

The particular treatment for a burn will depend on the cause of the burn, the degree of the burn and how large of a surface area the burn covers on one’s skin.  Unfortunately for its victims, treating a serious burn can be a costly endeavor.  Hospital bills may include costs for skin grafting, surgery, overall length of stay and much more.

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